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Nice things people have said...



"The response from your speech has been astounding. So many emails, calls and conversations already… the most important grand round of the year. Many, many thanks from our our executive sponsor and our
whole team.”

– Dani Gold, Royal Children's Hospital


"...a raw emotional impact that affected everyone in the audience"

– Bruce Mowson, City of Moreland

“Your presentation was both inspirational and much aligned with our school’s values i.e. follow your passion and don’t give up! I
have never seen our VCE cohort so engaged.”

– Sarah Blythman, Head of careers and student pathways, Casey Grammar

“Thank you so much for your wonderful and evocative presentation. From all the feedback
we have received I know people were profoundly moved by your heartfelt account. It truly was a memorable presentation.”

– Nada Lane, President, Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association Australia (CPPAA)

"...very entertaining and had the audience engaged and excited the entire time."

– Lee Koffman, Emerging Writers Festival

"...creates a magnetic atmosphere which keeps people transfixed and, most importantly, wanting more."

– Ray Tiernan, Port Phillip Council

I speak on a wide range of topics based on a combination of lived experience and research. My speaking is always tailored to suit the themes of events.


Speaking about resilience and overcoming adversity

They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Ruth is the living embodiment of that. Hers is a story about never being defeated, no matter what life throws at you. It is about taking setbacks and using them as power to drive you forward. It is about the power of uncomfortable emotions, defining your own truth, how vulnerability equals strength and how to be brave enough to let yourself be seen. In this talk, Ruth shows us all how self-compassion is the superpower that allows us to have our own backs and take tangible steps to foster more hope, take action and create the life we want.


Speaking to young people

Ruth was school captain of her primary school, in the top ten students all through high school and the first person in her family to go to university. But what no one knew was that she had a secret home life, living with a violent father and an alcoholic mother. Even when her mum moved 700 km away and she completed year 12 without any parents at all, cooking and cleaning and paying bills for myself, no one found out. But keeping so many secrets for so long came at a price. She felt ashamed and unloveable and like if anyone knew the real her they would run a mile. Ruth has a genuine love of speaking to teenagers. Her talks at schools often end in open, direct conversations with individual students who may not have spoken about their issues before. These chats are about shared struggles with anxiety, depression, negative thinking, crappy parents and being an imperfect human in an imperfect world. This process of identifying that problems exist is the first step in supporting teenagers in seeking the help they need.

Domestic and Family violence
One in every three victims of family violence are children. Of those, one in every four sustain a brain injury. One child per fortnight is killed by a parent. Despite these are shocking figures, children are still not being included in conversations around domestic violence. This talk is based on Ruth's lived experience growing up in a home with a violent father and the way her story, and the stories of children today, are still being overlooked and undervalued by the system that is meant to support them.


You don't know the impact you are having

Growing up, Ruth's father's  violence and her Mum's alcoholism were secrets she was meant to keep. School was her safe place, somewhere with rules she understood and adults who were consistent and kind. Though her teachers didn't know it, they were a safe harbour. This talk is about the people who have helped me in Ruth's life without knowing the impact they had. For all supporting professions, from psychologists to early childcare workers, nurses to first responders, you are making a difference.

Transgenerational impacts of war
No one ever told me the way dad behaved had anything to do with a war. No one ever told me it wasn’t my fault. The way soldiers’ brains are re-wired to face the extreme life and death of war can have permanent impacts, but their psychological wellbeing is still not giving the attention it deserves when they come home. In this talk I discuss the nature of PTSD and the very real way one person’s trauma can play out in families for generations.

In addition to two TEDx talks, Ruth has delivered keynote addresses for International Women's Day, RUOK Day, Child Protection Week, and given a Grand Round at the Royal Children's Hospital. She has also delivered motivational talks at many schools, charity events, libraries, local councils and businesses across Australia. She has also hosted and spoken at literary events such as the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, Emerging Writer’s Festival, Northcote High Literary Talkfest among others.

Her speaking will leave you feeling both inspired and uplifted about the way you can live your life and perform with more passion, purpose and authenticity at work.

Speaking themes

Ruth Clare will take you on a journey to a childhood spent with a violent father and an alcoholic mother and how, despite the chaos, she learned to focus on the things within her control, become school captain and a
graduate in the top ten students of her year.

More than just the story of her life, Ruth will also draw on insights she has gained after decades of study into the nature of hope, resilience, authenticity, courage, the impact of war, domestic abuse and the rights of children.

A gifted storyteller, who brings the performance skills gained as a professional actor, Ruth uses vulnerability, passion, humour and a genuine love of connecting with a crowd to engage and deeply affect audiences. She shares her journey in an expansive, inspiring and universal way that
will touch your heart and invite you to think deeply about what you can do to move forward in all areas of your life.

Bespoke material tailored to your audience

Every organisation and audience is different. I engage with you to understand the issues you are facing and the outcome you want to achieve from your event. I then write and deliver unique and memorable material that bypasses the professional exterior and cuts through to people's heart.

Though I do love a bit of research and use a wide range of resources to educate as well as entertain, my speaking is based on lived experience, and my storytelling always comes from a place of felt truth.



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