Ruth Clare is the award-winning author of the acclaimed memoir, Enemy (Penguin, 2016) . She is also a TEDx and keynote speaker, copywriter and teacher. Her work has appeared in publications such as Meanjin, Elle, The Good Weekend and Better Reading. more>>


Enemy is the Asher Award-winning memoir of Ruth's childhood experience growing up with a traumatised Vietnam Veteran father and alcoholic mother, and is an exploration of the psyhological impact of war on veterans and their families. more>>


Ruth is a TED x and keynote speaker on resilience, overcoming adversity, childhood trauma, domestic violence and the impacts of war. She has also participated at literary events such as the Brisbane Writers Festival, Emerging Writers Festival and many others, and appears at libararies, schools and bookshops across Australia.   >>more



Ruth has been a copywriter for over a decade , writing everything from complete marketing plans to SEO websites to ad campaigns for clients as diverse as Citibank, Medtronic, Aon Warranty Group, City of Darebin and Illustrators Australia, to name a few. >>more


Writing: Ruth teaches writing workshops to audiences from primary school to high school through to adult levels. She also teaches business writing to organisations.

Speaking: Want to gain more confidence, tame your nerves and make a genuine connection with your audience?  >>more


Ruth has also been interviewed by many radio stations and newspapers including Conversations with Richard Fidler. Enemy has also been reviewed in major publications such as The Australian.  >>more

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"...enormously rewarding and revealing exploration of the effects of war on family life and on the human soul and psyche.... emotionally charged and thoroughly engaging book."

The Australian


"Resembling a novel in its sensory detail and riveting narrative...Ruth Clare's memoir takes us deeper, into the mind of the child and her day-to-day reality... "

Australian Book Review


"Brilliantly moving"

Annabel Crabb, journalist and author of five books

"Extraordinary memoir."



"This book is the fantastic untold story of the battles fought decades after and thousands of miles from the Vietnam War we think we know. It should be read and shared by all."

Angus & Robertson


"Ruth Clare brings history into the home with piercing intelligence, unflinching honesty and total, terrifying recall. By drawing a direct line from the violence of war to the brutality of domesticity, Enemy refuses to excuse the tormentor yet tries to understand the legacy of torment. I wanted this book to stop and I couldn’t put this book down."

Clare Wright, author of the Stella Prize-winning The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka


"A brutal, compelling and insightful memoir from an exciting new Australian talent."

Brunswick St Bookstore.


"Confronting stories such as Clare's must be read."

Books + Publishing

"In this beautifully written but often emotionally disturbing memoir Ruth Clare explores her abusive childhood, troubled adolescence and new motherhood."

Australian Defence Magazine


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